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Are you too social?


In this episode we discuss how using social media to complain about customers could be damaging your career or business. As a driver you may be compromising incident investigations and more by posting images on social media before the investigation is complete. Find out… Continue Reading “Are you too social?”

Improve your LinkedIn profile with Paul Copcutt


Bruce chats with branding and LinkedIn expert Paul Copcutt on how to improve your LinkedIn profile and work with the platform to get the most benefit for your business. The two talk about recent changes to the platform and what you need to do… Continue Reading “Improve your LinkedIn profile with Paul Copcutt”

Market to your audience with these 5 steps!


Bruce talks about what you should think about when marketing your art business. These five areas should be included in every marketing plan and Bruce explains the science behind it. Find your perfect customer by taking the steps in this episode. Click her to… Continue Reading “Market to your audience with these 5 steps!”

Save Time on Marketing by Re-purposing Content


We are all busy entrepreneurs. Whether trying to build our business, complete client work, or just stay ahead of the pack. Life is busy! Then someone tells you that you need to create content everyday for your social media program and you ask the… Continue Reading “Save Time on Marketing by Re-purposing Content”

Learn to Price Your Art with Lars-Erik Robinson


Bruce chats with illustrator Lars-Erik Robinson about how to price art in various markets that artist sell their wares. The two talk about pricing everything from illustration to fine art. Learn how Lars got started in his career and how he creates his unique… Continue Reading “Learn to Price Your Art with Lars-Erik Robinson”

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