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Marketing With Social Media

Many companies are starting to jump on the band wagon with social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and others. Should you be part of this marketing buzz? Well I tell my clients this, it is more important to be on social media if your… Continue Reading “Marketing With Social Media”

Marketing during the summer

Many of us are extremely busy during the summer months. Maybe you have extra duties due to children or are in the middle of tradeshow season, many entrepreneurs stop marketing in the summer. Your marketing program should be running approximately 3 months ahead so… Continue Reading “Marketing during the summer”

Using the tradeshow for the entrepreneurial advantage

Well tradeshow season has officially begun. As many of you know I will be at the Striling Truck Show this weekend myself. For those of you selling wares along with the many other vendors remember a couple of things: one, enjoy yourself. The shows are… Continue Reading “Using the tradeshow for the entrepreneurial advantage”

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