Inspiring Youth Television Show Renews for Season 6 and Focuses on Transportation Industry

Bruce at television station

I am happy to announce that the Inspiring Youth Show will go ahead for another season. The show will change a little and instead of focusing on youth in the community in different places it will focus on youth in the transportation industry.

We need to show people that the trucking industry is all around them and that they need to get involved.

Bruce Outridge

The show will have four segments to each episode with a total of thirteen episodes for the season. Each episode will feature a career section, safety section, industry section, and a basic education section on why the industry is so important.

Inspiring Youth Focuses in Transportation Industry

The industry has been featured on the show over the years in single episodes but has never been showcased for a whole season. Filming starts late August and the show premieres the week of September 19th. Watch for it each Thursday night at 7:00PM on Your TV.


About Inspiring Youth

What is Inspiring Youth TV? Inspiring Youth TV is a television show that was developed for Cogeco Television which is a television network in Ontario Canada. The Inspiring Youth Show airs on Cogeco’s YOURTV community channel beginning September 2017 and is currently filming Season 6. Learn more about the show here.

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