Paul Copcutt talks about Latest book You’re Not Done Yet!

Paul Copcutt

It’s one thing for me to tell you about the book, but when other people tell you it’s different. Paul Copcutt and I have been working together for years and he has been very inspiring in the creation of my book You’re Not Done Yet. In fact Paul wrote the foreword for the book and created this video to be played at the launch for the book. Watch the video from Paul and see for yourself. Thanks Paul.

About Paul Copcutt

Paul Copcutt is a branding expert and entrepreneur from the Hamilton Ontario area. He helps business owners and entrepreneurs create unique brands allowing for a foundation for a strong business. You can learn more about Paul and his work at

About the Book

You’re Not Done Yet is a guide to helping you create the life you want by showing you people who have gone before you. Have you struggled with finding a purpose to your life? Have you felt low self-esteem due to little education or perceived imperfections in your life? Learn how your values, your creativity, and your talents all play a part in life and how to take those unique traits to create a successful future. Find your purpose, inspire others, and create a successful life. You’re not done yet! You can find out more about the book at



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