Use Times of Trouble to Refocus Your Business

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March 2020 has been an interesting month to say the least. I have never would have thought that the World would shutdown the way it has and this certainly will go down in history with many of the big events of life. As much as many of us are hurt from a business standpoint I try to remind myself that no one is shooting at us or bombing us from above. We aren’t being tortured by some rebel force or being locked in a dungeon while our family’s are torn from us.

Times like this force us to look at our business and life and reevaluate it for the future. We all can do better and spend less. That rainy day fund that your investment broker has been telling you about has now become a reality as to why we should have saved more. Life is at a low moment right now.

On the positive side this is a good time to revisit your business or career and start making some adjustments. Is your business diversified? I have been criticized over many years for doing too many things. Focus on one thing everyone told me. In this crisis I am glad that I diversified by doing podcasts and not just be a caricature artist. I have business that is currently bringing in some income and gives me work to complete at home. My art business is event based so that came to halt fairly quickly.

I have spent this time revising our websites, updating profiles for our services and completing my book which started late last year. I have been scheduling podcast interviews with those guests that are hard to track down other times of the year so business is still busy. What are you doing during this time? Are you sitting around watching Netflix or are you using this time to review your business plan, learn a new skill, or refocus your services?




When I have been at the lowest times in my life is when I usually have had the most growth. A divorce can cause you to restart your life, a job loss can offer a new business opportunity, and a medical crisis can cause you to rethink your health. I hope this time has got you thinking about things at least hopefully offering a better future.

I hope you survive these trying times and come out stronger in the end. I hope you finish that project that you were always hoping to finish. I hope you reconnect with those people we are all too busy to reach out to at other times of the year. I hope you refocus and come out on top at the end of the crisis. Don’t waste this time, embrace it. I wish you well.

About the Author

Bruce Outridge is an artist, author, podcast producer, and television host. He inspires many people through his media work and publications. He has found over life everyone has a gift and just need to be shown a path for success. If you are looking for inspiration for your business or career visit the and inspire your next venture. You can learn more about Bruce and all his work at

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