Becoming a Creative Entrepreneur Starts with Ambition

Bruce Outridge

I have spoken to hundreds of people through my television show and podcasts and one fact always seems to come to light when interviewing new entrepreneurs. The fact is talent is not enough to create success in business. The successful creative entrepreneurs have figured out that business success comes from having the ambition to start, learn, and work on their own consistently working towards their goals. When talking with new creative entrepreneurs such as artists, authors, or musicians many focus on the craft they love but don’t have the ambition to work on the business.

Grenville Pinto

You have probably heard someone say, “Wanting is not enough.” This is very true because even though inside you may want to have a successful business are you willing to put in the work to create that successful business. Many say, “Yes” very few follow through. The idea, the passion, and the talent won’t get you there unless you are ambitious in the business side and get your name out there. I remember an interview I did with violinist Grenville Pinto for the podcast where he shared that he had a marketing background and uses it everyday to keep the successful business that he has in place. Pinto’s business ranges from playing solo shows such as weddings and corporate events to mega shows with other stars from around the World. This talented musician said although he plays everyday he spends about 80% of his time marketing his business and connecting with other people to create opportunities for future business.

The definition of “Ambition” is a strong desire to do something. That strong desire is a good start because it will eat at you until you take the next step which is action. Think of it like a piece of code or a formula, talent+ambition+action=success. Once you have your talent the ambition is the next step in the formula. Telling you this is easy, doing it is another mindset all together.

When I was younger no one showed me people who had gone down the path of being a cartoonist which is what I wanted to do. They told me to stop dreaming and get a real job. This is why I am so passionate about showing people various career paths whether it be an artist like Ron Grieg who was a commercial artist and is now building a business as an oil painter or more like author Kelly Mack McCoy who was a former truck driver and now uses his knowledge from the road in his novels Rough Way to the Highway. Do you have an idea for a film or television show and aren’t sure how to get it to market? That is why we talked with actor Chris Hensel who played Jeb Duke on the Dukes of Hazzard about his new film Salvage Yard Shine Boys.

There are people where you can see a path to follow offering inspiration to get started. If you have developed your talent to the point that you feel it is at the professional level and you have the ambition to get it started then adding the action is the next step. Get started and keep going no matter what others say and you will find that success. Ambition is the first step to moving forward with your dreams.

About the Author

Bruce Outridge is a creative entrepreneur himself with a number of businesses and projects on the go at any minute in time. Bruce is author of five books on careers and business, produces two podcasts and a television show, is a motivational speaker, and is a professional cartoonist. You can learn more about Bruce and his work at

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