Inspiring Youth completes filming for season 1

Inspiring Youth Set

Well we did it! we managed to get all the filming done for season one of Inspiring Youth. Yesterday we were in the studio all day filming the last five episodes of the show. In a month and half we managed to get all the field shoots and studio shoots filmed. The crew at Cogeco will now do their part in editing the show and it will start airing in the Fall. Once I know the schedule i will let everyone know.

A big thank you to the guests that came in yesterday from PMTC-Young Leaders Group, Mike Millian, Matt Richardson, Joanna Mendonca, and Marcus Mares.


From the art episode we had Josh Tiessen, Sean Benton, Karlene Bland, and Bernadette Ward.

artist episode-inspiring youth

In the Classical Music episode we had Lyndsey Tran, Suzanne Brown, and Karen Page.

Classical Music episode-Inspiring youth

Our Autism Job Club episode had Thomas Plouffe, Rae Herdman-Wood, Marlayn Ellis, and Elizabeth Plouffe.

Autism Job Club

Our final episode on youth volunteers had Caroline Muileboom and Alex Duz.

Volunteer episode-Inspiring Youth

Thank you all for being part of the show. we appreciate your participation.

About the Show

Host Bruce Outridge will be showcasing youth that are doing ambitious things in our community. He will be interviewing ambitious youth, agencies, entrepreneurs, and other people working with the youth of today. Learn more about the show and the host at

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