Improve Your Business with a CEO Routine


Have you been struggling to get some kind of organization or routine for yourself? If so the CEO routine may be the key. As entrepreneurs we are pushed in so many directions that we can get confused and overwhelmed by the amount of work needed to keep our business running properly. When you look at the marketing, networking, production, and administration required many fall down or push important items aside. This same thing happened to me one year so bad I was ready to shut everything down. When I sat down and realized what had happened that year I vowed to change everything about my schedule and adopted the CEO Routine for myself.

I didn’t make up the CEO routine and it really isn’t a routine. It is just a way of structuring your day so that you are the most important person of the day. How do you do that? Think of the things that are important to you and do those first. Not just tasks but lifestyle.

Here’s an example: A normal day may have you getting up at 7:00am, reading emails, checking social media, answering customer requests, handling family issues, and so on. Your day is a flurry of activity and you haven’t taken care of yourself or the important issues. The problem with this focus is that you are putting everything else ahead of your well being. As mentioned before this happened to me as well so I know how you feel.

Here is how I adopted the CEO routine. I made a list of what is important to me and my business. My health, working ON my business, and working on personal projects. What happened is our business started to grow, I lost thirty pounds, and my creativity improved. I made a production schedule for personal projects, I divided my day into sections, and restricted the time spent on certain items.

Here is how my day is laid out now. I get up at 6:00am and write for an hour each day. I go to the gym each morning and start my actual day around 10:00am with an hour of administration such as emails and the like. I work on a project from 11:00am to 1:00pm, and take an hour for lunch. I work on another project from 2:00pm until around 5 or 6:00pm. My day is set up like this everyday and it works wonders. The other change is that I work on a personal project in one section of the day and client projects in the other. That way you are working ON your business as well as in your business.

The CEO routine has changed the way we do business and even showed where we need help from others. I have become very strict with my schedule and see how it has improved our business. If you are feeling overwhelmed by your clients, don’t feel as though you are moving forward with your business, or lacking creativity then try the CEO routine. It may be the scheduling answer you are looking for, it worked for me.

About the Author

Bruce Outridge is an artist, author, consultant, podcast host, and speaker. He has been a professional artist for over ten years and hosts his own podcast called Cashing in on Creativity Podcast helping others improve their businesses, become inspired by others, and improve their creativity. You can learn more about the podcast at and more about Bruce at or

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