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As someone who works with web design and social media for businesses I often find that the subject comes up in conversation on how a person can improve their web presence. I don’t know how many casual conversations have turned up the topic of someone trying to get that quick new way to get more people into their network. So many seem disappointed when I tell them that the best marketing deals with consistency and content.

Right now blogging is hot and the reason is that Search Engines are rating websites based on content being provided by the owner. This rating has been around for a while, but people still don’t seem to understand how the rating affects them. When I tell business owners to get fresh new content for their site the first thing they ask is can I find articles and share them on my website? You can, but you are not helping yourself as much as you need to. When you share another article you are actually helping the other author’s website that created the article, therefore it isn’t being rated on your website as far as search engines are concerned. It may be helpful to your customer base but it isn’t helping your search engine rating. So finding a way to write your own content on your website is the most effective way of improving your website on the web.

Bruce Outridge
Bruce Outridge

The other part of search engine optimization is consistency. The people that I find that are always trying to improve their websites are looking for that quick method that will boost them up the next day on the web, the truth is that just being consistent is the best program of all. Send out a newsletter to your clients, post to your website on a regular basis, and focus on providing value to your clients. Add to your website every week if you can and you will find your numbers creeping up consistently. The folks that want the quick fix are the ones that are not consistent in their marketing so they are always playing the catch up game.

So here is a simple solution. Add new content on a regular basis, create a consistent marketing program, and forget focusing on the numbers. You will see your numbers go up, after all if the phone isn’t ringing it doesn’t matter how many visitors you have to your website.

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Bruce Outridge is a business and leadership entrepreneur and author of the books Driven to Drive, Running by the Mile, and How to Start an Artistic Business in 12 Easy Steps. To learn more about the author please visit his website at

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