Join us for the Driven to Drive Book Launch-October 5, 2013

Saturday, October 5, 2013 -12:00pm-4:00pm. 

I am happy to announce I will be launching my third book on business and leadership titled Driven to Drive. This is the second book for the transportation industry and offers advice on how to have a professional career as a professional transport driver. We are holding this book launch in conjunction with another important event for the industry held by Trucking for a Cure with a convoy to help in the fight against breast cancer. To make the event successful for both parties we will be giving part of the proceeds to the Trucking for a Cure Team based on book sales. 

How will the launch work?

We begin the official launch at 12:00pm until 4:00pm. We will offer a 10% discount for that day only on all three business books. Once you have purchased a book your name will go into a draw for prizes that will be drawn each hour for the four hour period. Partial proceeds from each book will be given to the Trucking for a Cure Team in the following manner, $5.00 from each paperback bought, and $1.00 from each eBook bought. 

How can you buy the books? 

  • You can buy signed books at the event at our booth.
  • You can buy paperbacks online from our online store
  • You can buy eBooks from our online store

How will you get your name entered into the draws? 

  • You can buy a book at the event and your name will be entered into our ballot jar.
  • You can buy a paperback book or eBook online and email a copy of the receipt to and your name will be entered into the draw. The receipt must show the book was bought on Saturday October 5, 2013 only. One name per purchase will be entered into the draws. 

Which books are valid for the draw and donations?

The following three books are eligible for the donation and draws:

Join the event and party by visiting us at the Trucking fro a Cure event and official book launch for the book Driven to Drive. Just click on the links for more details, it’s easy you can improve your career and help a great cause all the same. 

Learn about the Trucking for a Cure event in Woodstock Ontario, Canada

Buy Bruce’s books on his online store

Learn about the books available

Driven to Drive Book
Driven to Drive Book released 2013
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