Stay Focused with the Perks of Entrepreneurship

Some would argue, what perks? Many of us myself included find entrepreneurship to be double the work of a regular employee at a job. As an employee you can go home after eight hours or move the work to someone else to do. As an entrepreneur it’s all on your shoulders and we often put in twelve or fourteen hour days on a regular basis. Often it is our passion for our business that keeps us moving forward. What if that isn’t enough? What if the work starts to feel like a job? Many times people start a business from their hobbies because they enjoy it so much and then it becomes tiresome as a job or they start to hate it. Now they hate their job and their passion and that’s bad. You have to achieve that balance to keep going.

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I have started my business from my hobby and some days dread doing so until my wife reminds me that it was your choice to do so. At this point there is no turning back as I have invested too much money and time in my business to let it go now. As my services go into both corporate and retail markets I don’t get weekends off or weekdays off. The reason I got into business for myself was have time to myself. After 25 years on the road as a professional driver I got tired of 3:00am on a regular basis. So I try to enjoy my time in spurts. My wife and I go away for a month at a time in the winter, and I prefer to take time off during the week. Yesterday afternoon I played golf with some colleagues and can schedule my time as I please. I decide which projects I will take on and which ones are not worth my time. I have kept my business mobile friendly and can do it from anywhere in the world if I please and the best of all is I create projects I want to whether anyone else likes them or not. I also can’t be fired, I may go out of business but that is my choosing to do so. So when things are busy try to find the perks within your day. Schedule a weekday afternoon for yourself, read the paper and be glad you are not one of the hundreds laid off from some employer. Most of all start working on that dream list you created when you started your business and knock off a few dreams. Work towards having your business fit your life instead of having your life fit your business. Enjoy the perks of the job, for you that may be 18 holes of golf at one in the afternoon with a few other entrepreneurs. Then the hard work will all make sense.

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