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In the Province of Ontario this week there is a giant inspection blitz for the transportation industry. The blitz happens every year at the same time and is heavily advertised. You would wonder why a safety blitz would be so heavily promoted but many think it is to show the public that the Ministry is on their game and watching the safety of trucks on the road. To show awareness and educate the public many industry professionals are allowed to go to the scales and watch the inspections in action. After 25 years of driving trucks and being through many inspections I have seen the action first hand. This year however I felt it was time to attend the show since I have been off the road for a while.

The inspections themselves were basic but thorough and many times the drivers pulled in were pulled in for an inspection because they didn’t do a basic walk around or notice problems with their truck. For instance one driver had a piece of wood hanging off the back of his truck from his load of scrap material. More on that in another article, but the thing that struck me the most was the respect.

The inspectors and safety people in the industry have name for being against the drivers and being out to get them, but that is not what I found. Watching the action with a few other observers I found that the inspectors in the station treated the drivers with respect. None of them showed attitude or made the driver feel bad. They took the time to educate the driver on what they found and why they had problems. In talking with one driver he was happy for the experience as he mentioned it keeps the company on their toes to make sure they equipment is maintained and safe. He was very pleasant to the inspector and even had her laughing with his quick sense of humour. In the past I have found the same thing during inspections so I know this wasn’t just an act for the audience. I think we need to show respect to everyone in all industries. Many people are just trying to make a living and do an honest days work. So whatever industry you may happen to work in show other people the respect they deserve. People are human, we all make mistakes, but for the most part we are honest and hardworking. Showing and earning respect is the best way to create a great working environment. green truck

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