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As an entrepreneur that is involved in teaching productivity, leadership, and time management I am always looking for ways to improve my own time management and that of my business. Technology is a great time saver in many ways and now is also saving many businesses money, if you dare to embrace them. This is where many people go wrong, they buy applications that sound cool, but don’t have any real significants in their lives. It’s like buying a program that you have no need for. I don’t buy many applications even though I have both iPhone and iPad because I don’t need many of them although there are thousands to choose from. When I hear of a good one however I like to try it out. I have outlined 3 applications that I found really helped our business and may be of interest to you.

The first application is called “Square.” Square was developed by the guy who created Twitter and we have been testing it for about two months now. It is free to download but there is a charge per transaction which is similar to other systems. Itsupervisor cartoon is very easy to use and allows you to accept credit cards from your phone with a swiper. You can enter items, send receipts, and customize discounts and sales. The only thing we have found being a Canadian client is we are watching the cards accepted. We have only had one MasterCard not be approved that was approved on the current system we use. Other than that the application has been great and I highly recommend it.

The second application is one I just started using called “Myprice.” Myprice allows you to create an estimate on the spot, gauge how much you should be charging per hour and more. It was a paid download for a small price and is a good check to see how well your pricing model is set up. It takes a few moments to set up but has many options that fit almost any business.

The third application is “Goodnotes.” Goodnotes allows you to make your tablet into a writing pad, sketchbook, and more. I like it because I can take notes in a meeting in writing without the burden of concentrating on typing. You need a stylus for your tablet but it has been a great note application for me.

Those are 3 applications that I would recommend, I have been using them for some time and have found them valuable for our business. Remember it isn’t how many applications you have, it is the ones you use that counts.

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Bruce Outridge is an author, artist, consultant, and speaker. His books concentrate on business and leadership. For more information on Bruce please visit his website at

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