Is the Way You Operate Your Business Killing Your Business?

So you’ve completed your education, you’ve put in years of experience, and you’ve built a name of someone who has the knowledge that can really help others be successful in their lives. I know because at every moment they will tell me how successful they are, how many boards they sit on and how busy they are. On the outside this looks inviting and something we all would like to attain. Some people are good at connecting with other people and that’s why they are so active in the community. Once you get past that part of the process however, once you start working with someone you see how they truly work, and if that doesn’t match the integrity shown during the meeting phase, it could be hurting you more than helping you.

You’ve met with people, established a connection, and begun the actual work process. This is when integrity really hits the road. You now have to produce as you promised you would, and to be honest this is where I find many business owners fall off track. They promise the client information, or work details, and then never get back to them. When asked they talk about how busy they are, and how many things are going on in their lives. That is very understandable, we all have very busy lives, but the integrity of your business is riding on how you perform when you get the contract. Many times I am blown away by people attending events and going out of their way to meet people trying to bring in clients for their business, but when they get the business they don’t take care of the clients. I don’t know about you but that seems backwards to me. Working in that manner shows you are more interested in quantity than quality. Maybe that’s why they need so many clients. What’s better, having twenty clients that that will not recommend you or ten clients that shout your name from the rooftops? I will go with the latter number. So how do you make sure you are not killing your business with lack of integrity?

Do what you say you will do! If your time management skills need improving then improve them through a course or self improvement program. Prioritize so that clients already on board come first, with finding new clients in second place. Your first part of your marketing plan should be having happy clients so you can get solid testimonials and recommendations. By focusing on producing quality workflow for your customers you won’t have to attend so many functions to meet new ones, your existing ones will be sending people to your door.

About the Author

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