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Investment and Insurance for Truck Drivers with Puja Gupta


Bruce chats with investment and insurance advisor Puja Gupta on the importance of asking questions when looking for a carrier on insurance to make sure you are protected while traveling on the job. Also discussed is how to start an investment program to create… Continue Reading “Investment and Insurance for Truck Drivers with Puja Gupta”

Top Drivers Require These Three Tips!

Truck Show Picture

We are into a new year and I am hopeful that 2017 will be a good year for everyone. If you are looking into improving your career for 2017 and becoming a top driver in your fleet then you want to take a look… Continue Reading “Top Drivers Require These Three Tips!”

What does a line-haul job entail?

The Lead Pedal podcast

Listener Mikey1812’s question was about a line-haul job and where to find it. Bruce talks about what line-haul is and how to find that particular type of work and what the benefits and downsides are to a career in this sector of transportation. http://theleadpedalpodcast.com/lp147-what-does-a-linehaul-job-entail… Continue Reading “What does a line-haul job entail?”

What’s Trucking Like in Australia?

Bruce chats with husband and wife team Shane and Colleen Blair from Shellharbour City, Australia. Find out what trucking is like “Down Under” and how this team has taken their passion for trucking and turned it into a new clothing business. You can learn… Continue Reading “What’s Trucking Like in Australia?”

How did your year turnout?


Do you feel as exhausted as I do? It has been a crazy year, there have been the wackiest elections in history, the economy is up and down, and the weather is getting crazier every day. Social media has our everyday lives turning into… Continue Reading “How did your year turnout?”

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