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Talking Truck Safety with Snowbird Transportation

Safety meetings are important for any company and I have been working with Snowbird Transportation for many years so making sure safety meetings keep interesting can be challenging. Keeping the drivers active can be one way to keep things alive. This meeting we had…

Heart Felt Update from Bruce-The Lead Pedal Podcast

Hey Everyone, I wanted to send out this message and I thought today is the best day to do this. Why today? Today is the day that The Lead Pedal Podcast has hit a couple of mini milestones. First it is  the day we…

The Lead Pedal Podcast is now available on SoundCloud

We know that not everyone is listening to their favourite podcasts on the same platform. If you are not familiar with podcasts you may not understand how they work. Think of podcasts like radio stations on your radio. The cool thing is that you…

Bruce Outridge is interviewed on Trucker Radio about new podcast for truck drivers


I was recently interviewed by Trucker Radio about The Lead Pedal Podcast by radio host Stan Campbell. It was a pleasure to be on the show and I appreciate the opportunity. If you would like to listen to the interview just click the link…

Here is how you can subscribe to The Lead Pedal Podcast

This is a short video on how you can subscribe to The Lead Pedal Podcast and to also thank you for all your support. I certainly appreciate everyone’s support and hope you enjoy the podcast. Thanks again!

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