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Talking Truck Safety with Snowbird Transportation

Safety meetings are important for any company and I have been working with Snowbird Transportation for many years so making sure safety meetings keep interesting can be challenging. Keeping the drivers active can be one way to keep things alive. This meeting we had… Continue Reading “Talking Truck Safety with Snowbird Transportation”

Is Your Mind as Big as Your Truck?

We have all seen it, maybe some of you have even done it, used your size to bud in line or make yourself known. You may even know someone that is short in stature but is constantly trying to make themselves seem bigger. Usually… Continue Reading “Is Your Mind as Big as Your Truck?”

Don’t Be Late on the First Day!

One of the fastest ways to improve your income in trucking is with good time management techniques. As an entrepreneur I begin every week loading up my calendar with meetings and other projects and slotting them in where they fit to be completed in… Continue Reading “Don’t Be Late on the First Day!”

Beat Hours of Service Issues with Good Trip Planning

Unless you have been hiding under a rock many will know that the hours of service regulations changed on July 1, 2013, yet again, or is it maybe, I’m not sure? Since as of the time of this writing there has been no decision… Continue Reading “Beat Hours of Service Issues with Good Trip Planning”

Is This Industry for you?

Own Your Success program

This video gives you a look at the transportation industry helping you decide on the career path that best fits you.

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