The Lead Pedal Podcast is now available on SoundCloud

We know that not everyone is listening to their favourite podcasts on the same platform. If you are not familiar with podcasts you may not understand how they work. Think of podcasts like radio stations on your radio. The cool thing is that you can choose the content you want and listen to it at your convenience. Think of podcast platforms like radio frequencies. You get certain stations on the AM dial, certain stations on the FM dial, and certain stations on Satellite Radio. Some devices have all the frequencies and some only have a few.

So  to reach the greatest amount of users we are adding our show The Lead Pedal Podcast to numerous platforms although that takes time and work. As of this week we are happy to add Sound Cloud to family hosting our show. There is a free app for Sound Cloud should you want it on your device. . The Lead Pedal podcast at this time is available directly off the website, on iTunes, and Sound Cloud. You can also listen to the show on Facebook on The Lead Pedal Podcast page and on our Twitter account and Bruce A Outridge. Thanks for listening to the show and we would love to know what you think. Write us a review on iTunes and earn yourself a free gift. Make sure you email us when you have done so.

Thanks for listening. Check out today’s episode of The Lead Pedal Podcast here!

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