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Inspiring Youth TV goes wild at Safari Science

We filmed an episode at Safari Science yesterday for Season 2 of Inspiring Youth TV getting up close and personal to some of the animals. This was a really interesting segment and will be interesting to those wanting to work with animals as a… Continue Reading “Inspiring Youth TV goes wild at Safari Science”

Inspiring Youth talks with Burlington Green at Lakeside Event

Bruce interviews Natalie Secen

On Sunday I had the pleasure of interviewing Natalie Secen of Burlington Green Environmental Association on how they help keep the environment clean at events such as the Lakeside a-la-Carte Event put on by the Rotary Club  of Burlington. The event showcases restaurants in… Continue Reading “Inspiring Youth talks with Burlington Green at Lakeside Event”

Inspiring Youth Films at OVT Guitars

Bruce on location with OVT

Last Saturday we did a field shoot at OVT Guitars in Acton.  Jon O’Neill and Carson Van Tol are two bright kids that started their own guitar design business a year a go from a high school project. The business not only got great… Continue Reading “Inspiring Youth Films at OVT Guitars”

Inspiring Youth Show visits HIEC for field shoot

Halton Industry Education Council

Today we were filming at (HIEC) Halton Industry Education Council’s head office in Burlington Ontario to get some background video on what they do and why they do it. HIEC was instrumental in connecting many of us involved in the show and a big… Continue Reading “Inspiring Youth Show visits HIEC for field shoot”

Filming Begins for Inspiring Youth Show

Bruce and james on the road

Tuesday we started the field filming for the show which are interviews and snippets of people in their home or business environments. This week we visited the studio of artist Karlene Bland to talk about her art, her business, and how she became inspired… Continue Reading “Filming Begins for Inspiring Youth Show”

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