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Inspiring Youth completes filming for season 1

Inspiring Youth Set

Well we did it! we managed to get all the filming done for season one of Inspiring Youth. Yesterday we were in the studio all day filming the last five episodes of the show. In a month and half we managed to get all… Continue Reading “Inspiring Youth completes filming for season 1”

Inspiring Youth Interviews Green Bee Skin Care

Green Bee Skin Care

Inspiring youth were on location filming Kaitlin Creighton owner of Green Bee Natural Skin Care. She started her company through the Halton Business Development Summer Company Program.  This is Kaitlin’s first business offering natural skin products in the Halton area. You will learn more… Continue Reading “Inspiring Youth Interviews Green Bee Skin Care”

Inspiring Youth films on location with Planitful Sweets

Plantiful Sweets

The other day we had the pleasure of filming on location with Plantiful Sweets operated by Alyssa Hobbs. Alyssa is part of the Summer Company Program with Halton Business Development. She will be featured on one of the episodes of the Inspiring Youth Show… Continue Reading “Inspiring Youth films on location with Planitful Sweets”

Inspiring Youth films on location at Josh Tiessen Studio Gallery

James Filming-Josh Tiessen

Today we were filming on location at the Josh Tiessen  Studio Gallery in Stoney Creek Ontario. Josh who is only 22 and an amazing artist is originally from Burlington Ontario and has been filmed  for Cogeco before.  Today we were getting some location footage… Continue Reading “Inspiring Youth films on location at Josh Tiessen Studio Gallery”

Inspiring Youth learns to Rock This Way

The Stage-Rock this Way

I can’t lie, one of my favourite location shoots for my new show Inspiring Youth was visiting the studios of Rock this Way in Burlington Ontario. If you are a teen from the 70’s your bedroom may have looked like the studio. Rock posters… Continue Reading “Inspiring Youth learns to Rock This Way”

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