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Bruce Outridge will present, “Vision-Not Just for Left Handers”-March 11,2016

Bruce Outridge-Speaker

Bruce takes this excerpt from his signature speech where he talks about frustration in your business and how by using creativity you can create a unique vision for success. March 11, 2016 Hampton’s Restaurant 754 Bronte Road (located in Quality Suites Hotel) Oakville, ON… Continue Reading “Bruce Outridge will present, “Vision-Not Just for Left Handers”-March 11,2016″

Hanging Out With a Group

In the arts there are many that don’t feel that artists should hang out with others artists in case they steal their ideas, in fact that could be said among many different industries. That being said in my experience I have found exactly the… Continue Reading “Hanging Out With a Group”

5 Steps to Successful Marketing Plan

You do have a marketing plan don’t you? Every business owner should have a business plan that includes a decent marketing plan, yet many don’t. Unfortunately that causes people to waste time on things that don’t work or people that can’t help them. I… Continue Reading “5 Steps to Successful Marketing Plan”

Working with Referrals

Have you ever gotten a referral from someone that turned out to be a very profitable project? It is a great feeling isn’t it? Have you ever given someone a referral that didn’t do what they were supposed to do? That probably left you… Continue Reading “Working with Referrals”

Creating a Marketing Plan for Your Business

Marketing, promoting, exposure, whatever word you use to describe how you get your message to the world is an important piece to any puzzle. Most companies scrap their marketing budgets and plans when things get tough. In speaking with a friend of mine the… Continue Reading “Creating a Marketing Plan for Your Business”

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