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Drug Check with DriverCheck’s Jeremy Thiel


Bruce chats with Jeremy Thiel of DriverCheck on how drugs are affecting the industry and the side effects of certain street drugs. The two talk about the latest threat on the street in Fentanyl and why drivers need to be careful about what they… Continue Reading “Drug Check with DriverCheck’s Jeremy Thiel”

Preparation is the first step to a great interview

Smart trucker 2017

The message was loud and clear, be prepared! Candidates that just plan on showing up and going through the motions have little chance of success in the competitive world of finding a job with the carriers of today. Be prepared, have your own equipment,… Continue Reading “Preparation is the first step to a great interview”

Become an Expedite Driver


In this episode Bruce talks about how to become an expedite driver and the benefits and downfalls of that part of the industry. Learn why this is an easy way to enter the industry and how you can become an owner operator in the… Continue Reading “Become an Expedite Driver”

Eating Healthy on the Road with Andrea Morley


Bruce chats with nutritionist and health coach Andrea Morley of Healthy Trucker. The two talk about how to eat healthy on the road and how you can get inspiration through their new Healthy Fleet Challenge. Healthy Trucker has also created a new app to… Continue Reading “Eating Healthy on the Road with Andrea Morley”

Become a Smart Trucker with Manan Gupta


Bruce and Manan talk about the Smart Trucker Seminar Series starting on April 11th and the changes to the program from years gone by. Find out why you want to be a part of this series and the benefits of doing so. This series… Continue Reading “Become a Smart Trucker with Manan Gupta”

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