Season 6-Show 2 – Inspiring Youth Truck Driving

In the second episode of season 6 we talk about becoming a truck driver.
Bruce talks with students currently training at truck driver training schools
in the area to learn about their experiences. Also included are young
drivers currently doing the job and how they got into the industry. Our
safety tip for today is ‘Following Too Close” and what truck drivers really
see of your car from the cab. Enjoy the show Thursday nights at 7:00PM

Episode Promo

About the Show

The show is hosted by media entrepreneur Bruce Outridge as he talks with ambitious youth in the transportation industry and the different jobs available for youth. You can learn more about Bruce, the show, and program at Inspiring Youth TV at or on YourTV/InspiringYouth. Season 6 of the In spiring Youth Show is sponsored by Lead Pedal Media which has a podcast and radio station for the transportation industry. You can learn more about Lead Pedal Media at

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