The Curtains Close on Cashing in on Creativity Podcast

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It’s a strange feeling when you close a podcast. It’s sort of like sending your child off to college but at the same time, glad to see them go. That’s the way I feel as I close down the Cashing in on Creativity Podcast which began in 2017. We reached 268 episode talking to amazing artists, musicians, and creative entrepreneurs, however like many other shows they stay for a while and then disappear. Most shows are developed in seasons and many of the top named shows you may watch on television only last a handful of years.

Why close down the podcast?

It was a hard decision to close down the podcast as I enjoyed producing it very much. At the end of the day however there is only so many hours and this year we wanted to streamline things even more. We started our radio station Lead Pedal Radio which is sister station to my other podcast The Lead Pedal Podcast for Truck Drivers. Each year I review our shows and in the past had looked at the podcast and considered closing it, but I still enjoyed it. This year however I decided the numbers and income weren’t there to keep it going and I need the time back for other projects. If I didn’t have another platform I may have thought twice about cancelling it. The radio station offers me a place to keep that content alive and offers more potential through a variety of programs, technology, and more.

Our first episode was December 2016 with musician and friend Thomas Wade. Throughout the years we have interviewed amazing musicians such as Terry Uttley, Rich Redmond, Kelly Gannon, and much more. On the visual artist side we have had Thomas Estrada, Sandra Bell-Lundy, Rina Piccolo, Tim Jones, Stephen Silver, and much more.

Other artists include actors Jeffrey Ford, Chris Hensel, author Robert Stevens Jr and others. I have met some very interesting people and that part I will miss. But I am confident we will still meet interesting people through the new platform and may even transfer the show onto our radio platform in the future.


Thank you to all of those that have supported the show and a big thank you to Karlene Bland who was a big supporter and co-host of the show for a short time early on. The podcast will disappear at the end of the month and social profiles will disappear as well.

So thank you for a great ride and if you were a guest thank you for sharing your time and expertise. We really enjoyed it.

About the Show

The Cashing in on Creativity Television Show features artists, authors, musicians, and information for creative entrepreneurs to inspire them to improve their crafts and build a business or career with their talents. The show is formed based on podcast content produced by media entrepreneur and artist Bruce Outridge for his podcast of the same name. You can listen to additional interviews and learn more about the show and host at

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