Bruce Outridge Gets Interviewed About Latest Book on Trucker Radio

Bruce and Stan-Trucker Radio

I always have fun talking with fellow radio host Stan Campbell. This time Stan had questions about my latest book You’re Not Done Yet. Check out the interview below or listen in on your favourite podcast platform. The interview is around the halfway mark of the show. You can learn more about the book here.

Listen to Trucker Radio – May 29th Radio Episode.

Trucker Radio’s News & Talk Show with Stan Campbell and Tim Denis. This week, Truck News Magazine Editor James Menzies checks in after a long absence, and Derek Clouther trucker-radio-iconchecks in from Alberta. Our guest this week is Lead Pedal Podcast host and producer, Bruce Outridge.

About Trucker Radio

The syndicated Canadian Trucking News Radio show was launched in May of 2006 and aired on thirty-five radio stations throughout Canada. Over the past ten years, the show name changed and stations were added, including four stations in the USA, one in Europe and Australia. The radio show evolved through several incarnations from The Canadian Truck News Radio Show, to American Driver Radio to the Driver Show, and now simply Trucker Radio.

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