Are You Willing to Change for Business Success?

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Business can be a hard sport. It’s constantly changing, it entails multiple strategies, and at any given time you are only one step away from being taken over in the lead. Business is the most strategic game in life and the game can be played in so many ways. Just like any sport when the game is static and you feel as though you just can’t push through, you have to make a change?

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It’s been said that if you make a major change in your business it will affect your business by 25%. You may lose 25% of your business only to gain more in the area of choice after the change. It’s a growth tactic that many businesses must go through to be successful, but one that not every business owner has the stomach to do. It can be very scary especially if you have been building your business in a certain way.

Change will keep you up at night. It might be implementing a new product, offering a new service, or changing your business model all together, no matter what it will be a scary time. We recently have come to that point in our business as well. Some services were starting to become boring and we were too comfortable with our customers. It was time to make a change! That meant stopping some services we have offered for years and deciding on a new direction with new services. It has to be done for the success of the business.

As a creative entrepreneur you may have to change more than someone just selling widgets. Many creative people get bored faster because they are used to moving from project to project. Too much change can cause problems in a business but strategic change may just be the change that catapults a business.


If you have been in business for while and it is starting to feel slow and predictable then that is a sure sign that you may have to make a change in your business. How big a change will depend on the needs and structure of your business. If you as an owner are not inspired then you will not have the energy to offer your best work to your clients. There is a time in every business where you need to make a shift or change to keep things fresh and exciting. The possibility of “what if” is what keeps business owners forging ahead carefully improving their products and services to be the best they can be. This is a crucial step that every business will reach at some point in business life and the smart business owners will feel it possibly before they see it. In the creative fields we have what we call “creative itch” that inspires many creative entrepreneurs to begin the process of creating their work whether a song, painting, or their next book. That same feeling can help you develop that successful product or service for your business. Make the change with facts, strategic planning, and informed decision making and it may be the best change you have ever made. Good luck!

About the Author

Bruce Outridge is an artist, author, podcast producer, television host, and creative entrepreneur. He is passionate about helping creative entrepreneurs have successful businesses and careers. You can learn about Bruce and his work at

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