A Look at the Mayor’s Millennial Committee on Inspiring Youth TV


Season 2 of Inspiring Youth TV kicks off this week with the first episode featuring the Mayor’s Millennial Committee. This committee is formed with young people interested in giving back to their communities and helping design the community for the future. I am always amazed when young people get involved in important areas of life. The full episode available on Your TV channels will include interviews with the Mayor Rick Goldring and many other members of the Committee. We can’t show the whole show here but do have a snippet of the show to offer you on the Inspiring Youth Youtube channel.

Check out the full episode on YourTV

About the Show

Host Bruce Outridge will be showcasing youth that are doing ambitious things in our community. He will be interviewing ambitious youth, agencies, entrepreneurs, and other people working with the youth of today. Learn more about the show and the host at www.bruceoutridge.com or www.inspiringyouthtv.com

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