Inspiring youth careers with HIEC


Have you ever talked to a a young person and asked them what they want to do with their lives? Depending on family experience the answers usually are fairly limited. I was introduced to HIEC-Halton Industry Education Council after keynoting a presentation at their Men and Career Coaches Event in 2017. This was a fabulous event helping young people discover careers that they may not be exposed to in school.  I was so inspired by HIEC that I wanted to have them as part of the show. The full episode is available on Cogeco’s YourTV channel. Check out the videos below for snippets of the episodes both in the studio and on location.

Find out when the show is available on YourTV by clicking here.

Bruce interviews members of HIEC on set of Inspiring Youth TV

Check out the career centre at HIEC

About the Show

Host Bruce Outridge will be showcasing youth that are doing ambitious things in our community. He will be interviewing ambitious youth, agencies, entrepreneurs, and other people working with the youth of today. Learn more about the show and the host at or

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