Inspiring Youth learns to Rock This Way

The Stage-Rock this Way

I can’t lie, one of my favourite location shoots for my new show Inspiring Youth was visiting the studios of Rock this Way in Burlington Ontario. If you are a teen from the 70’s your bedroom may have looked like the studio. Rock posters on the wall and musical instruments all around looked much like my room back then.  Founders Ross and Karen Munro along with instructor Brad Casarin and student Alyssa Boyle (McKenzie) were so much fun I will be going back into talk with them for my podcast as well.  Here are a few pictures from the location shoot and look for their episode to air on the show in the Fall.

Location Filming at Rock This Way-Burlington

About the Show

Host Bruce Outridge will be showcasing youth that are doing ambitious things in our community. He will be interviewing ambitious youth, agencies, entrepreneurs, and other people working with the youth of today.  Learn more about the show and the host at

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