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We are all busy entrepreneurs. Whether trying to build our business, complete client work, or just stay ahead of the pack. Life is busy! Then someone tells you that you need to create content everyday for your social media program and you ask the question, “When do I have time to do that, I am already busy enough?”You know you need to create that content, but you just don’t have that time. So what do you do?

Your options range from hiring someone to create content for you to rearranging your schedule to fit in some content creation time. If you hire someone to create content for you it can not only be costly, but take away that personal touch, is that what you want in your social media program?

Marketing your business does take time and sometimes it can be hard to see the rewards, but it is one of those areas where you need to keep going and be consistent. The best way to handle that is to create a plan and stick with it. How can you make content for social media in the smallest amount of time possible? Is it possible to make content in as little as 15 minutes per day? What do you need to have set out ahead of time in order to achieve content in such a short time? Two things, you need to know your customer and where they hang out. You also need to know what platforms you are planning on publishing to.

Our next issue is to use equipment you already have. For most people their smart phone is the best option because you have it with you all the time. On your smart phone there are a few applications that you will want to get good at. Learn a video editing program like “iMovie” that will allow you to add titles and adjust video clips. Through this basic application you can export audio files and images helping you create additional content. Once you have the video program you will want a dictation program such as “Dragon Dictation” that will allow you to take audio and turn it into a text document. Finally you will want an application such as “Add Text to Photos” or “Captions” that will allow you to add captions onto photos. Learn those applications over time and it will help you create content in the smallest amount of time.

So how do we create the content? You don’t need to have all of those applications to get started but they certainly help. Let’s say you’re an artist and want to show the world your work. Here is how we are going to create your content:

Monday-Take a video of you explaining your work process for a painting as if someone was interviewing you. Better yet get a friend to interview you. Add it to YouTube.

Tuesday-Export that same video file with “iMovie” to an audio file. Add it to your social media accounts with an image.

Wednesday– Take that same audio file and using an application such as “Dragon Dictation” turn it into a text document. Edit, add an image, and upload it as a blog post.

Thursday-Take an image and add a caption on it using the “Add Text to Photos” application and post it.

Friday-Take an image of yourself with one of your paintings and post it telling people where they can buy it.

You have now created five pieces of content for your social media program. If you get in the habit of doing that everyday you will have created 20 pieces of content per month using just your phone and a few applications. Try it and see!

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