What are you doing today to move forward tomorrow?

Walking trail

Today I am hanging out at Tweetstock in Hamilton Ontario. Why am I telling you this? I am telling you this because I think it is important for everyone to improve their craft for themselves and their businesses. While most would think this is a Twitter Conference, they couldn’t be father from the truth. This is about storytelling, social media, and life. It is one way of improving our business.

So I ask you what are you doing today to improve your business? TheWalking trail other day I took a walk in a beautiful park to think about how our business will look in the future. Getting out of your normal routine may be the best way of moving a business forward. Remember focus doesn’t always have to be behind the desk! So what are doing today, to move your life ahead tomorrow?

About the Author

Bruce Outridge is an artist, author, consultant, and speaker. He presents on creativity, business, and leadership. To learn more about Bruce and his work visit his website at http://www.bruceoutridge.com

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