Don’t Go Unnoticed!

I have always been big into branding, not surprising since our company offers branding solutions, but branding means different things to different people. There is the splashy branding of a car wrap or the subdued branding of a simple website url on your car. Branding your vehicle or should I say not branding your vehicle may be a huge mistake. Many people don’t like to brand their vehicles because it is hard to see the return on investment. It’s like having your name on your T-shirt, did anyone notice? I didn’t go for the big splash with my vehicle, but I made sure the colours are striking. My illustration business uses black, light blue, and white as the three colours for the company. They may be used in any combination depending on background but must appear together on any coloured promotional material. When I bought my car I bought a black car, tinted the windows and then created a highlighted strip on either side in cyan blue. Our logo sits above that with our website in the same colour on the back of the car and thats it. I wanted it to be clean, but noticeable. I have many colleagues that have their cars covered with a car wrap and that also is effective, the only problem with that is if you change products or services you may have to change the wrap on your car. Think about it, we all like to look at nice looking cars and people do notice, whether it turns into business or not I don’t know but I get many comments from people on my vehicle and it isn’t anything special, but it looks good and draws in the looks. Branding is important, don’t let good marketing opportunities go to waste, we all get stuck in traffic at one point or another. Claibersblack

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Bruce Outridge is an entrepreneur and business consultant. Bruce is the author if several business and leadership books, for more information visit his website at

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