How Are You Building Your Business?

I have been building our business in a certain way since we started back in 2006, whether it has been due to past life experiences or due to goals for the future I have stuck to a certain track for success. Some may not even call it success if you are basing success on the amount of millions in my bank account or how much new business has been brought on each year. When I left a stressful situation with a previous employer I started making a list in my mind as to the type of business I wanted as an owner. A few things came to mind directly, I didn’t want a company with many employees to watch over, I didn’t want a brick and mortar structure that kept me tied to a certain location, and I wanted technology to work for me so we could operate the business from anywhere. Over the years those things may or may not have gotten in the way of our success. I have had to turn down invitations that may have made good financial decisions but sacrificed the other goals I had for our business. I have had to work a little harder to build the company in line with our goals and beliefs as it meant choosing between financial and time opportunities. It has meant becoming my own university and learning from the people who’s career I admire. I am proud of the business we have built and continue to build.

I just began to read the book by Brett Wilson of television’s famed Dragons’ Den. His book “Redefining Success” talks in the first chapter about knowing what success is for yourself and your own business and not following opportunities that you don’t believe in.  He has learned the hard way through the loss of health and family to learn what is really important. So how are you building your business? Are you building it blindly with no track for success whether it is monetary or otherwise? How will you know when you arrive at that point, will it take years or can you track it as you go? Being able to track your success as you go in both time and money is the best way to build the business. This way you see the rewards as you go and it will keep you motivated to move forward.  It can also help you tell if the business is running you instead of you running the business. Are you working twenty-four seven with no family time or time for yourself, or are spending the days doing as you wish? These are questions you should be asking yourself as you move into the next year of business. Where are you now and where are you going? I can successfully say we have achieved our goals this year, the company is up in revenue, and I am currently writing you this blog from a month long stay in the Caribbean. So my question to you is did you hit your goals this year, if not maybe you’re on the wrong track?

Happy Holidays

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Bruce Outridge is a business and leadership consultant in the transportation industry and the arts. He is the author of the books “Running By The Mile” and “How to Start an Artistic Business in 12 Easy Steps.” For more information on Bruce and his work please visit his website at

4 Comments on “How Are You Building Your Business?

  1. I agree with your view on success. I have borrowed this definition of success: Success = the progressive realization of worthwhile goals.” That allows success for a college sophomore who is learning to learn, or for the person who chooses to teach reading in the ghetto, or for the artist who create beautiful works, or for the individual who delivers the mail – and a smile.


  2. You bring up a great point! Until we personally define success for ourselves, how can we know what it truly is and when we finally reach it? For me and my business, this is a work in progress but one I hope to further define in the coming New Year.


    • Thanks for the comment Stephanie and thanks for being such a loyal follower. We are all a work in progress, it is when you stop evaluating that it becomes a problem. All the best for 2013.

      Happy Holidays,



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