Taking the Time to Reorganize

Most entrepreneurs I know are so busy that life seems to fly by at the speed of sound. The days start to flow into each other and before you know it another year has gone by. That happens to all of us and not just with work, but with kids, life and so on. As they say you should stop and smell the roses once in a while, you should also do the same with work. Stop, take a look back at what you’ve accomplished, look forward down the road to see what you would like to accomplish. Reorganizing is like spring cleaning, it rejuvenates you, creates a new space, and adds new vitality.

When’s the best time to do this reorganization? The best time for me is when you’re reviewing your profit and loss statement which I suggest at least annually, but semi-annually or quarterly is better. Look at the numbers, look at the products or services, which ones are moving, which ones are stale? Don’t go down the road for a whole year to find out you’ve been going in the wrong direction. My business has been successful because I have been able to change direction in a short period of time when I have come across an opportunity. As entrepreneurs our best plan for success is being able to change at rapid pace. Larger companies can’t change directions as fast as we can.

Remaining successful is about change, and change is about knowing the direction that is best for you. Don’t get caught behind the eight ball because you didn’t look at flow of your business. Stop, evaluate, and reorganize!

About the Author

Bruce Outridge is a business and leadership consultant for entrepreneurs. More information can be found on his websites at www.outridge.ca or www.bruceoutridge.com

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The Business Plan
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