How Far Will You Go For Business Connection?

As many of you know these days the world of business is largely who your connected with. That is why platforms like Linkedln have become so popular. Many times just getting to know someone is half the battle in getting the sale or project. This can happen in an impromptu meeting someplace and turn into a great working relationship. This has happened to me many times. Recently I was at an event where Dragon’s Den star Kevin O’Leary was giving a talk on investing. He told a story of how he was asked to go on a television show called Dancing with the Stars not to dance but introduce someone. Kevin refused the invitation explaining it would take him six hours flying one way for a two minute line. The producer got him to think about it by relaying he would be sitting next to Steve Wozniak, the other half of the Apple Company and someone that Kevin had always wanted to meet. Kevin accepted the invitation and the end result was a large business deal that never would have happened if Kevin hadn’t accepted the invitation.

So how far will you go for a connection? My wife sometimes doesn’t understand why I go to this meeting and that meeting sometimes with no result coming out of it. I explain things work in mysterious ways and many times months later the phone will ring and someone will have seen me at an event or read my articles in the magazines I write for. In business many times the payback comes at a much later date. We may not always drive or go far to make a connection but I am sure there are many of us that go to functions, get stood up for meetings, and generally think sometimes that being an entrepreneur is just a big waste of time. Then other days when there seem to be no business in sight the phone will ring with a large order. The secret is to accept every invitation within reason whether you see the potential for business or not because meeting people is half the battle.

In this world who you know and the connections you have are the first earmark of a successful entrepreneur. Take the opportunities and have faith down the road they will lead somewhere.

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Kevin O'Leary Telling his story
Kevin O’Leary Telling his story

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