What Do You Know Better, Sports or Your Future?

Have you ever watched or listened to people in a bar or at work talking sports? I find it amazing how many people are up to date with the latest stats, know the information on all the players, and who has been traded where and by whom. The same people can spit stats out at the tip of a hat yet most haven’t spent two minutes thinking about their lifestyle or where their heading. Now I am not down on sports, I don’t follow anyone in particular, but enjoy the odd game, I am just too busy to to keep up with sports and all particulars that go along with that.

Here is why I even bring this up, how many people that are deeply involved with watching sports know where there lives or careers are going in the future. I believe there is a time when we have to wake up and smell the coffee, start thinking about the future, and look at what we have accomplished in life to date. Any financial planner will tell you the same thing, think about the future but how many of us do it. In Ontario Canada here we have lost many positions in the manufacturing sector and it has put a real strain on the economy and people in general. I know that situation is echoed across North America and the world for that matter. I don’t see that situation changing fast or soon to be honest with you so it is important for people to take charge of their own businesses, careers, and personal lives. I believe many are caught up on how to do that however and it does take some effort. So here is how you start and for those of you in your forties you may already be thinking of this as it comes to mind as you may be going through a mid-life crisis.

The best way to start is to evaluate where you are now and what type of lifestyle you would like for the future. Now realize I am not talking monetary necessarily but that will play a big part of that, I am talking career, and personal needs. Do you want to travel, do you want a large business, are you happy in your current position, is the company one that may be around for a while? All those questions should be answered and thought about very seriously. Many folks stay at their current jobs, not paying attention to the economy and the company situation and then are mesmerized when the company goes out of business. Many times that can be seen very early, but people weren’t paying attention. This is the time to make that back up plan and get started protecting your dreams and goals. The best place to start is by turning off the television set with the sports on and sitting down with your significant other and talk about a plan.It may be the best use of time you could have, of course don’t plan it on a night with the Superbowl!

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Bruce Outridge is a business and leadership consultant for entrepreneurs specializing in transportation and creative markets. More information can be found on his website at www.outridge.ca

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  1. Thanks $author| you share some great -2 tactics, Thanks For Sharing all this and making it clear enough for any one to be able to grasp! I’ve Subscribed to your rss feed to Keep up to date, looking forword to your new tips!


  2. Thanks $author| you share some great -2 tips, Thanks For Sharing all this and making it simple enough for any one to be able to grasp! I’ve Subscribed to your rss feed to Keep up to date, looking forword to your new posts!


  3. I’ve often thought of this same exact thing–especially when in college sitting at a bar watching kids, who were flunking out of their courses, rattle off so much knowledge about sports. They showed great dedication and effort to learning something, unfortunately it wasn’t what they needed to know for a successful future.


    • I agree Stephanie,
      Maybe the sports figures should be teaching the classes?

      Thanks for the comment,



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