Have You Removed You from Your Marketing Package?

With the world highly focused on technology and the latest apps many people believe that working on their online presence is the most important factor in their marketing package. While that may be true for some it is not always the best position for most companies. Now I can understand why so much attention is given to the web, it can be addictive, it is fairly inexpensive to start up, and it goes out to a global community. Then there is the argument as to the social media accounts of the world and that people get to know you through those accounts. But do they really get to know you, or do they just learn what you stand for and there is a difference? In my mind social media is important for letting people understand what you stand for, how you think, and how you feel about certain topics, however that is not getting to know someone. You really don’t know someone unless you have met them, spent time with them, and watched them under a relaxed atmosphere. I was golfing with a friend the other day and he said to me you don’t really know someone unless you golf with them. How true that is, he went on to explain that he would golf with executives that were cool and calm in the business world, but would have tizzy for a bad shot on the golf course. As I have mentioned in the past many people get so focused on social media that they forget the rest of their marketing plans all together. They end up spending countless hours updating their status, but don’t go out of the office or call anyone. People forget about you if they don’t see you or have never met you. So what constitutes a well rounded marketing plan?

You need a mix of everything together in order to have a well set up marketing plan. Keep a balance as time is money and make sure the areas you are spending time and money are worth the investment. Let’s start online, make sure you have a decent website and I suggest a blog. If you want other social media then set up to two more options. You are better to be strong on a few than have lots set up but never use them. Put the social media updates in your calendar so you can be consistent with them, that’s the key to working with social media. Once you have your online presence set up search out a local group of interest to you or the business you are in and join the group. Join the group with the intent of increasing your awareness of subjects of interest to you or a group for pleasure and camaraderie. I like to suggest one educational group and one social group or hobby group. Attend meetings regularly and give the groups at least a year before assessing. Many people leave a group too soon because they see no results, but in my experience it takes at least a year for members of the group to really know you and begin to feel comfortable enough to start working with you. Once you have the networking part completed you can add other areas that you feel are necessary such as cold calls, direct mail, etc. Remember everything works together and too much of one area can be just as bad as not enough. Consistency is the key to any area of your marketing plan.

About the Author

Bruce Outridge is a business and leadership consultant. He offers help to entrepreneurs and small businesses on many areas of business. For more information please visit his website at www.outridge.ca

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