Marketing With Social Media

Many companies are starting to jump on the band wagon with social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and others. Should you be part of this marketing buzz? Well I tell my clients this, it is more important to be on social media if your business is dealing with consumers and the public directly. That is where the public is and with over 500 million users on Facebook it is very hard to ignore that market. However if your business works directly with other businesses then social media may not be such a big deal especially if you market to large corporations. That being said I would still think about having a presence on the social media platforms. Remember like any other marketing campaign just signing up does not make you an instant hit. It will take regular upkeep which can be more difficult for most than actually signing on. So what do you need?

I have included some tips for you in this section to help create your own marketing campaign:

Keep it educational, social media is meant to create conversations, not just selling platforms.

Link social media platforms to achieve a presence on different networks.

Promote your profiles on all advertising and drive traffic back to your website.

Show links on your website to the social media platforms that you are signed on to.

Include social media as part of your exisitng marketing campaigns.

A blog is one of the best ways to educate your clients and prospects.

The top platforms to get started with are Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, WordPress, and YouTube.

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