Captializing on Your Life

Are you doing all the things you want to this year? Are you looking for new goals or to complete those un finshed ones from years past? If so read on!

If you have been writing down ideas for a while or if it’s in your head as life goes on then scratch out anything that is no longer of interest.  Next, scratch out anything that is older than five years or is too physically demanding.  You know like the goal where you planned to bungee jump off the Eiffel Tower when you were twenty.  Add anything to the list that has come about lately.  If you don’t have lists then start adding things to a blank piece of paper.  Once you have your list made out, I want you to divide theitems into three categories.  I know this is work but you’ll feel better for it in the end.  Most people spend more time planning a vacation.

 The first category will be any goals that you would like to achieve in the next six months.  The second category is goals to achieve one to two years from now.  The final category is five years or more.  Now remember when categorizing your list that you may want to pay off your mortgage in six months but realistically without a windfall in the lottery you’re probably looking at over five years.  If you have lots of travel items but only make ten dollars an hour with one week’s vacation that may not fit in with your six month goal list.  Just be realistic.  By the way if the items affect your family, it should be discussed with your family.

 Now that you have your goals divided in the timeline evaluate each one and break it down into yearly, monthly, weekly or daily goals.  This will be determined by your schedule or costs involved.  You may have to move items around if you are unable to meet the commitments.  Prioritize the ones most important to you, enter them in your day timer and get started. If you got to this point and don’t yet have a day timer or calendar program, then stop right now and go buy one. For continued motivation put the list where you can see it regularly and check off the items as you complete them.

Good luck with the goals; you have now completed the planning and action plan part of the program.  Just add the action.

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