Earn Your Respect

For those of us in business, or drivers in the transportation market we are always looking for ways to gain respect from our coworkers, customers, and collegues. I have seen many people over the years try moves like sucking up to people, offering discount rates on products and services, etc. That rarely works and even worse can set your name to someone who can be underhanded. I myself never want to be considered someone who is underhanded and if I do make a mistake I own up to it immediately. Those tatics don’t work so try them. If you want to gain respect from your coworkers the best way is to be yourself, have integrity – do what you say you will do, and treat everybody with respect and dignity. By doing that people will be happy to deal with you and will recommmend you to others, therefore helping to grow your business. If you would like to read more about respect and your coworkers follow the link to an article  titled “Why won’t they listen” – http://www.outridge.ca/listen.html

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