Leadership in the Office

Have you found yourself to be the leader of your team even without trying? When no one comes forward as the leader you naturally fill the position, feeling like you are the only one comfortable in the spotlight. If you aren’t getting the recognition you feel you deserve for leading the group then don’t despair, take notes! That’s right, write down your accomplishments and team commitments and store them for future use. Many times managers don’t notice who is always stepping up to the plate or even worse start relying on you without asking. This list you create will not only show yourself how valuable you are, but can be very helpful in the performance appraisal stage each year. If your company still doesn’t recognize your importance then at least you will have the information for your updated resume.

Good Luck!

2 Comments on “Leadership in the Office

  1. Good points made in your blog. It always amazes me how few people make notes to use at their performance reviews.


    • Thanks Geoff for the comment, many people complain about being on these teams, but don’t realize they may even possibly be creating a specialized position for themselves. My wife did a special project for six months and it became her full time job for 14 years now. She seized an opportunity.
      Keep well,


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