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Pairing Employees for Success

Do you have one, two, maybe three employees that given the authorization may not be working with your company in the future due the amount of problems they seem to have? Everyone does, I don’t know any companies that don’t have this problem.  In… Continue Reading “Pairing Employees for Success”

Have You Created Chaos or Structure in Your Team?

Jeff is a supervisor that wanted to have a good relationship with his team. They had lots of experience, knew how to do their job in a professional manner most of the time so Jeff didn’t feel that he had to keep a tight… Continue Reading “Have You Created Chaos or Structure in Your Team?”

Are you leading by example?

Think hard about that question, are you leading by example? There is a thin line between walking the talk and walking the walk once you are in a supervisory position. Sometimes for new supervisors the position can go to their heads to the point… Continue Reading “Are you leading by example?”

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