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Testimonial- Running By The Mile


“Running by the Mile” is a periodical that provides valuable insight and gainful tips for anyone in the transportation sector that is envisioning the entrepreneurial spirit or has already seized the opportunities to run their own company..  It is blatant that Bruce has captured the… Continue Reading “Testimonial- Running By The Mile”

Running By The Mile Book Video

Below is a video on my book Running by The Mile for transport drivers. If you are interested in becoming an owner operator or have interest in the transportation industry in general then this is the book for you. The book can be purchased… Continue Reading “Running By The Mile Book Video”

Testimonial- How to Start an Artistic Business


I’m three-quarters of the way through your book and I’ve begun crunching the numbers and preparing to set the goals. I really appreciate your book, as I’ve read more expansive books on business marketing but I find your book very thought provoking and more… Continue Reading “Testimonial- How to Start an Artistic Business”

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