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Inspiring Youth With Mentor U

We can all agree that many young people have amazing talents, but often can use some mentoring and leadership. Today we take a look at Mentor U and their Discovery Year Program that helps young people decide what options are available to them in… Continue Reading “Inspiring Youth With Mentor U”

Bandology on Inspiring Youth Season 5


In the first half of the show Bruce talks to Avery, a young person that has created a podcast with his father Josh talking to people in the trucking industry. During the interview Bruce turns the interview around and features Avery for Inspiring Youth.… Continue Reading “Bandology on Inspiring Youth Season 5”

Inspiring Youth Starts Season 5 with Your TV

IY-S5-S1 -Promo

We are excited to announce Inspiring Youth the Television Show is returning for another season beginning tonight. Four seasons are behind us and we start of this season as we have done in other years showing you where we’ve been and where we are… Continue Reading “Inspiring Youth Starts Season 5 with Your TV”

Become a Dream Chaser


Could you imagine working in your dream career for your whole life? You wake up each morning doing exactly what you want, making great money, and being admired by fans. Many artists and creative individuals search for that life but never attain it. Sometimes… Continue Reading “Become a Dream Chaser”

CCTV 9-Creating a Fine Art Business with Tim Packer

Fine artist Tim Packer joins Bruce on the show today to talk about his career as a fine artist. Packer transitioned from a career in law enforcement to a fine artist and starting selling his art via LinkedIn. Today he has a great business… Continue Reading “CCTV 9-Creating a Fine Art Business with Tim Packer”

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