The Professional Driver

Do you consider yourself a professional truck driver? How do you know? Is it because you’re licensed, experienced, or paid to drive? You can be all of those things, but still not a professional driver. If you’re not sure if you fit into the professional driver category then I suggest you follow the link and listen to the telemeeting call on the website titled “Twelve Steps To Professionalism”. Check your game and improve your career.


Professional Drivers – Evaluating Professionalism

Many drivers feel they are professional because they have passed the licensing test and are allowed to drive. That stage however is just the beginning. Are you considered a professional drive just because of the license you hold? Is it the years of experience under your belt? I believe there is more to a professional driver than the basics. To learn more join me for an overview of the twelve steps I believe are essential for drivers to learn to be at the top of their game. Sign up on by clicking the link .

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