Saying no to the boss

Have you ever come across those situations where you had to say no to the boss due to inexperience. This happens to many new drivers in the transport industry. There is a way to do it without losing face or wrecking your future career employment. To learn more read more……


New truck drivers

Are you going into the transportation industry as maybe a second career or in search of a career with freedom. Before entering into any career you need to do some investigation to see if you fit well with the operations and lifestyle of that industry. Truck driving is a lifestyle change and you need to be ready for it. The industry can be a great place to be or your worst nightmare, it’s your choice. If you are looking at the transportation industry why not spend some time with quality people. KRTS Transportation holds carrier days every month for students and potential industry professionals to get an idea of what the companies may have to offer somone in the industry. For more information go to


The Professional Driver

Do you consider yourself a professional truck driver? How do you know? Is it because you’re licensed, experienced, or paid to drive? You can be all of those things, but still not a professional driver. If you’re not sure if you fit into the professional driver category then I suggest you follow the link and listen to the telemeeting call on the website titled “Twelve Steps To Professionalism”. Check your game and improve your career.


Professional Drivers – Evaluating Professionalism

Many drivers feel they are professional because they have passed the licensing test and are allowed to drive. That stage however is just the beginning. Are you considered a professional drive just because of the license you hold? Is it the years of experience under your belt? I believe there is more to a professional driver than the basics. To learn more join me for an overview of the twelve steps I believe are essential for drivers to learn to be at the top of their game. Sign up on by clicking the link .

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