Professional Drivers -Time to Step Up!

I was reading an article in Today’s Trucking Electronic Magazine about how drivers are going to be forced to cut corners due to changes in the hours of service regulations  being proposed in the U.S. Now I can understand from an industry standpoint there may be some hesitation about that, but from a driver standpoint that shouldn’t cause you to cut corners. It was pointed out in the article that due to a shortening of driving time drivers would start cutting corners while doing their pre-trip inspections. To me that is crazy, to think that drivers would skip inspecting their units to save fifteen minutes of time. To me that is bad time management and though I feel there will be a few that think this is the best plan they can think of, any professional driver should be planning their days to most benefit from the hours available. The company you run for should be adjusting their traffic lanes  and manpower to best fit the flow of freight through their business.  These type of adjustments are the best way to tackle changes in the regulations. Companies will need to spend some time on educating their shippers on the changes and how it affects freight flow. They should also be helping drivers learn how to run more profitably through proper time management. Professionals don’t cut corners, they adjust and flourish. I hope you are a professional driver. To read the source article visit the link for Today’s Trucking

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