Cashing in on Creativity Podcast Gets Picked Up For Television


I am excited to announce that our podcast Cashing in on Creativity has been picked up by our local network YourTV for their television network. YourTV is a brand of Cogeco Television and we have been working with them for many years both as customers and business partners and have enjoyed that relationship. My television show Inspiring Youth has been on their network for four seasons now and I was excited to get a call from Station Manager Stuart Aker about offering a show for their summer schedule. Inspiring Youth runs from September to June each year and having found my podcast thought that might be an interesting show for their audience. Stuart thought I only had a few episodes so when I told him I had over 200 he almost went into shock. This is why I always keep my content, I wrote about it in a recent article that you can read here.

Click Here to see the YourTV Schedule

The first episode started on July 1st in the Halton area and a new episode will air every Thursday night at 7:00pm eastern. If you are outside of the Halton area you can hear the interviews on the Cashing in on Creativity Podcast. Thank you YourTV for having the show on your network and if you would like to learn more about Inspiring Youth you can learn more here.

Episode 1 that aired on July 1st
Episode 2 with Ron Greig. – Watch for future episodes on our YourTube Channel or YourTV

About the Show

The Cashing in on Creativity Television Show features artists, authors, musicians, and information for creative entrepreneurs to inspire them to improve their crafts and build a business or career with their talents. The show is formed based on podcast content produced by media entrepreneur and artist Bruce Outridge for his podcast of the same name. You can listen to additional interviews and learn more about the show and host at

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