Are You Being as Creative as You Can Be?

Bruce Outridge-Speaker

It amazes me how non-creative people can be in a time when creativity for your life and business are so important and it can be the difference between standing out from the crowd and making your mark. As we go through the pandemic people scrambled to start some type of project from home and for many it was a podcast or YouTube channel. When Zoom became popular and easy to use the amount of virtual meetings and podcasts went through the roof. Everybody became a podcaster.

In the trucking industry truck drivers became heroes along with other essential workers because they were keeping the grocery stores stocked when everyone else was locked down. People started to say thank you to truck drivers for the work they do and the hashtag #thankatrucker appeared in everything from t-shirts to tractor trailers and more. That hashtag has been used by so many different companies that when you hear it now you have no idea who’s company it represents. Truck drivers went from being thought of as reckless are now being thanked for driving down the street. Unfortunately it has become too much and is now losing the effect it was meant to have.

I have had people copy everything from the programs I use to how I use them. I have even been to websites of competitors of mine where they have used my copy and programs almost word for word. It doesn’t make you unique when you do that it makes you the same as everyone else and actually detracts from your brand because people have seen your message elsewhere. That is one of the reasons that I created the Cashing in on Creativity Podcast so that visual artists can learn from what musicians are doing and musicians can learn from what authors may be doing. When we copy each other we all look the same and no one stands out.

I was asked the other day how come I don’t use the green screen feature in Zoom? The answer, everyone else is using green screen and most of them look like crap. You’re wearing a suit but trying to look like you’re on the beach. You’re in your pajamas but look to be floating in outer space. I spent money on setting up my studio so people would know I am in a proper studio by investing in equipment and more. Forget the fancy gimmicks and work on technique and improve your content authentically. If your topic deals with being outside then go outside. If you are dealing with finances stand in front of a bank machine or building.

About the Author

Bruce Outridge is an artist, author, media consultant, and speaker. He has been a professional cartoonist for over a decade, author of five books on business and leadership, media consultant, and inspirational speaker to groups helping inspire their audience. Bruce is the host and producer of two podcasts, the Inspiring Youth television show and has been a columnist and social media expert for the transportation industry since 2007. This all began after a 25 year driving career as a professional truck driver and fleet supervisor. You can learn more at

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