Live Like You Are Dying

Bruce Outridge-Live like You Are Dying

If you are a country music fan you most likely will remember the song “Live Like You Are Dying”
by Tim McGraw. The song talks about two people having a conversation about the news that
one is dying and how he handled receiving that information and the decisions he made
knowing he only had a certain amount of time left. The reply from the recipient of the news is
that once you know you only have so much time left you would start living without caring about
tomorrow. You would live for today! In the song the man would go skydiving, riding a bull for 8
seconds, and treat people better. Things we should be doing anyway.

Creative Entrepreneur Bruce Outridge
Live Like You are Dying

Why am I bringing this up? Don’t worry I’m not dying, at least I don’t think so. The reason I
bring this up is that we should all be living this way all the time. Every winter I travel to the
Caribbean to relax, see friends, and get away from the hustle and bustle of North America. Life
is a little slower in the Caribbean and more laid back. We have been coming to the Caribbean
for over a decade and for me since about the age of eleven. My parents are originally from the
Caribbean and so the culture is part my heritage.


You have to start living now. For so long we have had this mindset of work hard until 65 and
then retire and enjoy the fruits of your labour. Unfortunately that only works for some. Some
people many that I know don’t make it to that age dying before they get to enjoy life. Some
believe they will travel or enjoy life once they have all day to do nothing. From what I have seen
both parties have it wrong.

beautiful sunset
When was the last time you enjoyed a sunset?

Many young people today have life / balance mindset a little better. They are fusing life and
work together and enjoying it while they can. They travel and see the world, get involved in
social causes, and enjoy life while young enough to do so. You do need to work hard and
building a career is something all of us should be doing, but it is also about putting priorities in
the proper order.

If you are lucky enough to enjoy the work you do then you are way ahead of the game. These
days making money at something you enjoy is easier than ever. Stop chasing the “GET RICH”
idea and find a way to make money doing something you enjoy. Start putting together that
bucket list and begin to knock items off or at least start working towards them while you’re

Beach Scene
What is your bucket list?

If you want to do something when you retire then start doing it now. Many folks think they will
start traveling when they’re older but then struggle to walk up the stairs of a European city or
have the health to do things when they do have the time. I can tell you if you are not used to
working out when you’re younger trying to get into the gym at the age of 65 probably won’t

I have learned a lot from the Caribbean. People who want to travel have started do it when they
were younger and working. They have their health and have enjoyed their time. Our friends that
we see every year have been coming to the islands for years and for some they can’t travel
anymore but they still have their memories and can say they lived life. Too many friends of mine
have gone way before their time so if I can inspire you to live your life I would say this, “Live
Like You Are Dying!” It may actually help you live longer, fancy that!

About the Author
Bruce Outridge is a creative entrepreneur helping to inspire others. He produces two podcasts, has a television show, author of five books, and is a professional cartoonist. He lives in Burlington Ontario Canada and loves the Caribbean. You can learn more about Bruce and his work at

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